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  • What type of photography are you offering?
    My focus is on emotional moments between couples, families, children and mums to be. I try to avoid too much posing and encourage you to be yourself so I can catch natural dynamics. It doesn’t matter if it is laughter, cuddles, tears or moments of being thoughtful. I would like to meet the real you in front of my lens.
  • Where are your sessions held?
    This is limited only by your imagination. It is that freedom which makes photography so much more enjoyable. It can be a public/private outdoor or indoor location or it can be at my home. It's entirely your choice.
  • Who can be involved?
    Who would you like to be involved? There are no restrictions on who can take part. It can be children, families, newborns, bumps and even pets. If they are (or soon to be) a part of your family, then they need to be in your photographs.
  • What happens after I submit a message via the contact form?
    My process is simple and easy, I'm very laid back and bubbly. Usually I will get back to you via email and always offer a brief telephone consultation so that we can discuss your ideas, what you are looking for and what you would need to make your dream photo session happen. If you decide that I’m your perfect match, then we would set a date for the photography session. All outdoor appointments are weather dependent, so we would monitor the weather forecast ahead of time and, if necessary, reschedule. There is no impact on cost if we reschedule.
  • I have a child with special needs, do you think its worth booking a photo session?
    I feel so sorry you are holding back because of thoughts which you absolutely shouldn’t have! The answer is absolutely YES! I have a child with special needs myself, so please don’t worry at all! Together we will do anything we can to create most wonderful moments which I will capture for you and which you will love forever!
  • When is a good time to book maternity and/or newborn sessions?
    For maternity sessions it’s a good idea to book after your 3 month scan, as some months are quite booked up in advance. We will pencil in a date and can always work around if your baby arrives earlier or later. Newborn sessions are best to capture within the first 10-14 days after baby arrives. For other sessions-whenever it crosses your mind.
  • How do I pay?
    I always ask for a non-refundable £50 deposit when booking, to save your date and time of choice. The rest of the fee has to be paid on the day of your session. Please pay via bank transfer.
  • How can I prepare myself and what shall I bring?
    Please don’t worry at all. Once you have booked your session, I will share a welcome guide with you, which covers all of your questions. It also includes a style guide.
  • Can you help me with ordering prints or creating other photo products like photo books etc..?
    Yes of course. I work with two excellent photo labs and am happy to share their products with you, and to support you with your product choices.
  • Have you studied photography at university?
    No, I haven’t. I started learning about photography when I was 13 years old at a photography after school club. Back then I was practising with a Canon EOS-1, fully analogue with manual controls and a film that required development in a dark room. As soon as I took my first picture I was in love. I came to learn that in the right hands, a camera can create a story from everyday life and transform the ordinary into artwork. Since then it has been my passion, you will always find me somewhere taking photos. Education is very important of course. I have done lots of workshops and private classes and keep educating myself constantly.

Hast Du Interesse an einem Babybauch-, Newborn- oder Familienfotoshooting? Hast Du eine Frage, die noch nicht beantwortet ist? Kein Problem! Ich bin für Dich da! Schreib mir einfach eine Email oder fülle ein Kontaktformular aus. Gerne beantworte ich all Deine Fragen!

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