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Mother's Day Sessions

All year you work hard and hold it all together- for the family! Maybe you are a working mum, maybe not- it doesn’t matter. All of you provide for healthy food, make laundry, clean the house, entertain everybody in the house, do the shopping, organise hobbies, organise baby and toddler groups, organise birthday parties, rock the babies to sleep (no matter how old they are), cuddle them when they have night terrors, hold their hands when they are ill, when they are upset, when they tantrum.


All year long you are present, you are there, you laugh with them, you cry with them, no matter how exhausted you are. And the most important: You LOVE them every single second of a day.

We know how precious time is, how busy life can be, how quickly they change and how fast they grow. Maybe we find time to capture those precious moments with our phone, but more likely probably not. And if we do, we are rarely with them in the photo. 

This is why I would like to offer a Mother’s Day mini session to you. It will take only 20 minutes and I will capture precious moments between you and your child/children which you will cherish forever. 

This special includes:

  • a 20 minute session

  • a welcome guide to prepare you for our session

  • access to my client wardrobe

  • 3 fully edited digital images which you can chose from an online gallery

  • 1 printed photo of your choice (size 7x5) in a beautiful frame

Price: £99

Sessions will take place on the following dates:

When booking, a non refundable £50 deposit will be charged. The rest of the fee is required on the day of your session.

If you have further questions, that's absolutely fine. Or if you're ready to book, that's great too! Click the button below:

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